All about Eve

I had this menstrual pain the whole day yesterday. And when I said the whole day means the WHOLE DAY, from the minute I woke up in the morning till the minute I closed my eyes at night. You must be wondering why I’m talking about this kind of thing. Well,the yesterday event had brought up some thoughts in my mind.

I recalled the story of Adam and Eve they thought us in religion class. God created Adam first, and then God considered that Adam needed a companion in heaven. So God created Eve. While Adam was created from clay and the spirit of God, Eve was created from Adam’s rib. So that made Eve as part of Adam in literal meaning.

Then I wondered, was Adam hurt so intangibly bad when God took off his rib to create Eve?
So that Eve had to experience some periods of physically painful situation in the future to make it even to Adam?

Well, none of the Holy Books told us about any of it, so I just wondered. I mean…could anyone try to give me any explanation why is it only women who has to bear so many kinds of naturally physical pains in their lives?
I count at least two…the menstrual pain that comes every month and the pain of delivering a baby.

But you know what is the most bizzare thing? Women seem to naturally have this kind of point of view that says
“no pain no wonderful things, no happiness”.

Every mother always says that the delivery moment was hell hurtful, but the second the baby was born…it’s all paid off. Wearing corset or high heels is no way a delightful thing to do. The former makes you hard to breathe, the later makes your leg felt like being stepped by a bull. But women bear it.
As long as those things make them look gorgeously goddesses like…that’s all (seems to be) worth it. Well, there’re so many other examples if we want to continue on the list.

This XX chromosome must be something.
There had to be an extraordinary secret God didn’t share to us in the story of the creation of Eve. God had to have put some more magical ingredients into Adam’s taken-out-rib before God blew the holy spirit that brought Eve to life.

Woman is a very strong creature. It’s in her nature that she is able to stand up on her own feet without actually need the man’s hand to help her. But the heaven-and-world’s famous story of Adam creation had been misintrepreted and misused by the greedy men in history. They made it as an excuse to make women believe that they’re one level below men. That they are the servant of men. For thousands of years, women believe that men are stronger than them,
and they should be afraid of. But if we see it from another angle of point of view, we’ll see it obviously different. Men are afraid to have the world without women. They can’t live without women. They knew women are strong and may have less the need of men (than the men need of women), so they did everything to tight down women under their control.
Then God created Eve because it was in Adam’s nature that he couldn’t live alone. So it wasn’t Eve who was longed for a companion. Eve was independent, intelligent, brave, dare devil, and yes,later she made the greatest mistake in human history. To make her attached to Adam, God had put eggs in her womb and created love between man and woman.

I’m saying this not to discredit men. I’m just trying to figure out the real nature of women…

Anyway, still, my question is..why women have to have been through so much pain and still see it as something to be grateful about?


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