Twilight at Semanggi

Today, 18.10. Plaza Semanggi skydining, 9th floor.

at Plaza Semanggi skydining

I love Jakarta at this hour…as a scenery. Last sunday my friends and I were talking about cities in some countries we had visited. I said you couldn’t compare cities like Phnom Penh or Ho Chi Minh with Jakarta. Even Sydney was not as attractive as Jakarta (in terms of buildings) and my Aussie-brother-in-law said so too. Buildings in this messy metropolitant city are actually beautiful and attractive. There are about four main streets with high city skyline: Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Jalan Thamrin, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, and Jalan Raya HR Rasuna Said. And just this evening, I saw this beautiful scenery of a very small part of Jakarta…

These pictures are the view to Jalan Sudirman -Senayan area, and it’s just a very small part of it.

twilight at semanggi

the skyscrappers

*all pictures were taken by my Nokia C6-00


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