I’m Sorry, God

Call it dramatizing my mysery. I stucked with my manager since 2 in the afternoon. We’re reviewing my final report that should be submitted to the project owner anytime soon, today. It counted as very late, actually, since we just finally finished it at around 5.30 pm. So my train-traveller-fellows left me for the 5.30 pm train. I thought it’s okay, i still had the 6.45 pm one.

I was off from office around 6.15. I bargained with ojek for Rp 15,000 from Rp 20,000, cost to take me to Sudirman station. But when we arrived there, I got no 5,000…so I had to let it be the original price. Ha! I paid the train ticket and asked the ticket man, “Where’s the train now?” He said, “Still in Pondok Cina.” What the…that’s still a round-full-way! Shortly, the train came around 7.40. 1 hour late and I was so damn hungry.

Arriving at home I thought I was gonna have a nice relaxing TV moment before taking a shower and going to bed…but voilla! There’re crazy thunders in the evening and one of them shot dead both my TV decoder and my TV!! And to make things worse…there’s no my menu on the table, so i ended up consuming instant noodle. I went to my sister’s place for TV show…but thank God my laptop is okay so i can write all this.

While writing this story i was thinking that maybe it’s a punishment from God. My friend was right, maybe i’m just being ungrateful for what i have now. Just this morning i thought i didn’t really have any single solid reason of what I earn money for…I mean a really meaningful reason. I shouldn’t think that way. I can use my money for my future, my travelling, my education, my minicooper…but i think we urgently need a new TV now. T_T

And my dad’s turning on the radio in family room…listening to Nidji, Vidi Aldiano…and to whatever band that is now playing. I know he’s not really listening. He’s massaging his feet with that box-shaped machine i-always-want-to-try-but-dunno-how-to-turn-it-on. He’s just probably as upset as me.

Prayer for today: Please forgive me, God…for everything I did and said today. I was so wrong. I’m a sinner. Forgive my sin, please. And please..help me have a better heart, mind, behavior……and a new TV. Amin.


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