Purposely Untitled

Character one:

He’s adventurous. He’s been away from home country for quite a long time. Traveling from dot to dot on the map, searching for something he actually doesn’t know what. He’s running away from something. Puzzled images he sees in his dream. He kept running and running until one day he realized that all he needed to do was to stop running and go back home. But things have changed at home. Mother, brother and the girl he had left, none of them was the same again. The vision is getting more readable and that’s just where all the problem starts.

Character two:

She’s seriously boring. With no mercy on herself, she survived the toughest period of her life. Revenge, a word that sticks like a century-old-stain in her brain, is what makes her survive. She waits…a long wait for the right person and the right moment to come. And there he was, the key of her complicated story, just showed up himself back in the town. Oh, so history. But that history is the key for her sanity sake. She’s ready to make a contract with the devil.

Character three:

He’s a cheerful young man with a charismatic charm. Sometimes he acts childish, but beneath those naughty smirks is a deep thought of a real adult. He didn’t do anything wrong. He just cares for his cousin over too much.

What a surprise.

Never thought these characters can be related and amazingly survive through so many years. Someone had said, “good shit sticks.” But sadly, i haven’t been able to write anything for a very long time now.


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