It’s called “Inflammation of the supraspinatus tendon”

supraspinatus muscle


I feel like an athlete these days, not for the medals or a well exercise body. I am getting my old shoulder injury back to the surface. The pain hurt like crazy and I was in a very bad condition for the whole weekend. I tried to ease the pain with some warm oil and made my self busy (doing activities that didn’t require left arm’s lots of movements) to forget about the pain…but they didn’t work. It got worse and worse instead that I felt like screaming it out, but I know I can’t do it.

Saturday night was bad that I couldn’t sleep well.And Sunday was no doctor because my doctor was a good Catholic that he doesn’t work at all on Sunday. My body temperature has been a little high for the past three days.

Last night I went to see him.

The symptoms are:

# a stabbing pain on the shoulder (sometimes suffocating) and on the left side back, also on the front shoulder sometimes.

# pain when lifting my left arm side way more than (around) 60 degree

# pain when i move my head left (very bad), right (medium), down (medium), up (the most).

# when I hit some certain points on my shoulder, they hurt so bad.

So I got the injury on my upper arm tendon, or called the inflammation of the supraspinatus tendon.

It’s a common thing happen to athletes like tennis player, swimmer…but what am i? I swim, but no athlete 😀 and yet I got this injury.

Well it’s a 5 year-old injury anyway. An injury that sometimes reoccure whenever I overuse my left arm.

Oh I hate my medicine, so many of them and they make me having nausea the whole day. Don’t ask about the cost, I almost cried when I founf out that I got only 30,000 rupiah left in my wallet 😦 .

Hopefully they work. Hopefully I get better soon.

Can’t write much now.


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