Wedding. I’m fine with weddings. You know, all that sacred vows, teary moments, sometimes cultural customs, nice foods, nice dresses…though i never like the crowds, but generally wedding is a good event. Recently I had three close-friends’ weddings: one a close friend from high school and the others are from university.

Darla full squad & the trophy

Last May 27th, my high school fellow held a traditional Java wedding with a lot of rituals. The fun whole 3 days! I mean, I never attend any Javanese wedding ritual before, so I was excited. The groom is a Turkish. It’s a kind of interesting match, reminded me of my eldest sister’s wedding. But her husband knows only 1% of Bahasa Indonesia, different from my brother in law whose Bahasa is very good. In my friend’s wedding, everything was conducted in three languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese Language, and English. Since there’s only one side of family (the groom was only accompanied by his father and mother), it wasn’t really crowded, just the close family and close friends. Therefore we could feel the sacredness in a better appreciation. And for me of course: nice foods! Well, in midodareni (the night of angels when the groom came to the bride’s home to officially propose) and akad nikah (the wedding ceremony) they have lots of meats in the meals since they have Mediterranean food..but nice salads and appetizers always saved me. Another reason why I like the whole 3 days was because our girl group, the Darla, worked hard together for this event too.

On the dance floor, minus Eka

Everybody say "Cheers!"

And in the wedding…oh, the wedding was so beautiful: the decoration concept of 1001 Arabian Nights, the beautiful princess-like dress of the bride, our dresses, the foods (heaven!)…even the crowd was not very hectic. We met some old friends and that’s it, not too much unnecessary chit chat with people we don’t really expect to meet. Everything was well organized with a friendly wedding organizer. The bride and groom were happy, the parents were happy, the family and friends were happy, and all the guests were happy! Perfect.

The behave pose

The second wedding was on June 4th. The couple were my friends, my senior from university journalism club, but I just close with the bride. For all mylife, i’d be thankful to her for one big thing: I was able to go to Australia. It’s all thanks to her introduction to the scholarship, her reference, and all her support. For us in the club, she’s like the Super Woman. She’s very bright (Cume Laude 3,5 year graduate, Best Student of her faculty, French university master graduate) and pretty and has angelic heart…what do you ask more when you’re already blessed with those qualities, right? And the groom…he’s always known as a super cool but a good critics and surprisingly very comical man. He used to be our Chief Editor. And most of us kind of knew how their love was started 🙂 . So when they decided to get married, everyone was happy.

The "natural" pose

It was a lovely simple but romantic wedding. I really love the never-ending nice-foods service and the jazz music background. I mean, I was there from the very beginning to almost end, and the foods just kept coming! My friend was the best! But the most interesting thing was….the groom was a close friend in the office with my best friend! What a coincidence…what a small world. So even though the crowds were not hectic, my best friend made me make some new friends…she introduced me to her office fellows and I made a very great effort for all that, for my best friend sake.

And the last one was only last week, June 26. My best friend from university got married. Oh I was between sad and happy. I was supposed to help her and my friends on the wedding, doing the decoration and all that, but I got that shoulder injury. That Sunday my shoulder was a bit better, but still needed some rest. So I decided to go early in the morning to watch the wedding ceremony…

The ceremony at the mosque

It was a very simple but full of sacredness wedding. The couple have been dating for years…since we’re on the 2nd year at uni, if i’m not mistaken. I think it was love at the first sight for the groom, but not for my friend. Ohhh it was so sad to realize how time flies so fast. I remember I used to sleep over at her room many times during those hard days, we spent sleepless nights together making models and presentation preparations, we stayed in Yogyakarta together and went to Bau-Bau together, so many ups and downs…ooooh i’m gonna cry 😦

At the dressing room

But i’m so happy for her that they finally got married. She must run a happy life! I pray for her for that. There’s a possibility that she’ll go to live in Papua since her husband actually works there, though she said she hasn’t really decided it yet.

And more close friends’ weddings this year…


I’m fine with weddings. I’m happy that my friends got married. I applaud them for not being afraid of the scarry life time commitment. I’ll pray for their happiness and best in marriage lives.

But i’m not fine having my friends one by one leaving me… A sad truth I have to face and accept with a big heart from now on. I guess  it’s part of growing up. I think it’s what’s called LIFE.


I’m really happy for you guys… 🙂

[have another wedding to attend in the next hour]


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