It’s What So Called Saturday

Watching the UOB tower started to turn on its lights as my transjakarta passed by, i was ready to wrap up my day. It’s quite a tiring Saturday with a frustratingly heavy bag. I had two events to cover and an afternoon appointment with my friend.

It started with an irony. The almamater held a book launching and an alumni chairman election. I attended the first one and skipped the later. The irony is on the book.

Arsitektur 4D

Two years ago my friend, Lusi, and I were involved in an alumni book project called Arsitektur 4D. I still remember those days when we’re working on the book under the famous architect Irianto PH. We gave our best for the book for about six months…under that strict and perfectionist instructor. We quit the job for good reasons: i had to go to australia and my friend had to finalize her thesis. And after us, no one could bare the work so the book was kind of neglected. It took about 2 years for the famous architecture writer studio to be appointed for finishing up the project. And now the book is out.

I had to pay 200,000 for my own sweat. Well at least i could claim about 15% of it and another 15% for my friend. And when it came down to the credit, both of us got none. It’s quite sad, frankly. As a trained writer –if i can’t call myself a trained journalist, yet– i give a damn to credit. It’s always a big deal. No we didn’t write the book, but we laid out the contents from the scrap. I remember the deadline nights and the night when we had to stay until…probably almost midnight. We got paid, but that doesn’t mean we’re not supposed to be credited. If i’m asking for a little credit, do you think i’m pathetic? Is it something you can laugh about? Getting no credit for your work in a publishing industry is like your boss skips your monthly payroll…for a life time.

I’m sadly disappointed.

But i didn’t see Irianto anywhere in that event. I was planning to tell him about it.

Then i still had another work to do. From the suburb Depok i had to rush to the National Gallery by train. But oh no, i knew almost nothing about sculpture.

Our client was sponsoring this very famous product designer, the one who’s famous for his Accupunto, in his participation in that sculpture exhibition. I read a lot of familiar famous names on the list. They’re famous sculpture artists, architect, product designer and many more.

It didn’t take me long to do the interview. He’s a professionally friendly man.

Next destination was Italian institute at Blora. I joined my friend watching Italian movie titled Liscio. The movie tells about the life of a little kid name Raul who lived with his singer mother who seemed to be unlucky with men.

liscio poster


So i finalized my journey tonight with a bowl of chicken orange sauce rice and a hot tea in one of the restaurants in a mall.

I missed the Java Rock In Land’s The Cranberries performance today because i was not willing to spend 500,000 rupiah ($55) for a good reason and in a hope that I could have a rest at night before the next day’s my friend’s big event. But i didn’t hit home before 9pm.

It’s a tiring day, but worth living.


5 thoughts on “It’s What So Called Saturday

  1. you know, the library (yes, that f**king library) used my sketch for a banner without even telling me. apalagi credit. gue kemaren ngamuk di sana. bah.

    • these what so called super educated people…amazingly sometimes -maybe often- forget how it means to APPRECIATE other people’s work. they bark about plagiarism….but they play dumb about credit.
      yeahhh don’t tell us “sorry, we forgot” because hey, we don’t buy it.

      • exactly. the irony of a f**king smart and original institution. sorry I can’t help myself not to curse.

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