Lenka, the Novel

Lenka, a novel by The Black Ear Union

Another writing baby is out: Lenka. Well, it’s not an individual project…but still, my name is on it! Yeay. It’s a collaboration of some of Bengkel Novel DKJ’s alumni class 2008 and 2009. And since we brought the Dewan Kesenian Jakarta (DKJ) on it, yeaahh we’re working on a piece of literature. So, it’s not the  kind of lousy written chick lit or teen lit novel. No, not at all. You’ll find a clever writing that will surprise you…if you’re a good reader.

It’s a story about the mystery of Lenka’s sudden death. She jumped off the 5th floor of a building where her father held a big event. The novel will bring you back and forth in time, tracing the past and the future lives of other people connected to her, leading you to figure out the big question: Why Lenka jumped off the 5th floor that very moment?

It’s been more than a week since it’s officially published and I recieved a copy of it, but I haven’t finished reading it. However, so far…what i like the most about Lenka as a writing is its rich of setting description. It’ll bring you to the remote city of Csongrád in Hungary, the old Jepara in Central Java, the colonial Batavia, to the recent time of Jakarta. I just wonder how my friends could be this good in writing about those settings? They should’ve made a very good research.

My favourite character is definitely dr. Darpan. That wacky doctor is just brilliantly hillarious. I don’t know who’s writing that part, but I assume that’s my teacher? Because he’s using that name for his facebook account. And dr.Darpan’s words really sound like his. But i just found out who wrote that character.

However, if you read the novel already, you’ll know how Yusi Pareanom could bring laughter and self-correction at the same time to us during the class. Yeah, he could be a lunatic, but he’s a damn-brilliant writer i’ve known.

However, if there’ll be reprinted one (please there will)…some revision should be made. Have to. Many corrections, especially in periods and some missing words and footnotes.

Overall, it’s a worth reading murder mystery novel. Though a bit remind you of Jeffrey Eugenides’ style, but actually not really. We try to “copy” many writer’s styles..but they’re all us. Everyone has his/her part. I got two chapters. The first one, you should recognized it right away….the one talking about the history of the building. And the other one was the time when Luisa stabbed her own thigh alone in the kitchen.

You can read the book review&recommendation at goodreads. One of us put it there. She already has her own novel out, the “29 1/2 Hari”.

Here I want to publicly say thank you very much for our masters: Yusi A. Pareanom and A.S Laksana…for everything. And to all the writer fellas in Lenka project… we did it. Good job everyone, but it’s a long road ahead. So keep up the spirit of writing (>>this one especially for myself :p ). Thanks.

And for you…yes you readers, especially if you know me. Please..do buy this book and read it. Thanks.


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