Being Tested

The second worst nightmare for a writer is having their writing tools (typing machine,PC,laptop, etc) broken and their files are gone missing. Unfortunately I have to experience it now. Still hope the files can be saved, though. (please…let them survive!)

Don’t ask me the first worst nightmare for a writer, because talking about it will only gives me an eerie feeling.

I was planning to post some cheerful writings about the break fasting events I attended with friends during Ramadhan and about the excitement of having all my nephews and niece at home during Lebaran…but the situation is not pretty good for me on this holiday. My laptop suddenly refused to let me in to the system. I thought it was just the regular illness my old laptop usually has sometimes…being frozen for awhile, or suddenly shut itself down, or just being funny with videos and images…but this time, the laptop is collapsed. Need to run it to the ER right away, but we’re in the middle of the biggest holiday in Indonesia! Even the human hospital is closed.

I’m sad, so sad…and try so hard not to be frustrated. I mean, this is the worst timing to get frustrated, right? It’s Idul Fitri and the whole family is around…yeahh, and that also means my sisters and brother are around and they sometimes just make things harder. Being the youngest in the family is not always easy. Everything seems to be in the bad timing for me.

Well, taking it in a positive way, all these series of unfortunate events let me reflect myself. It seems that life has been very hard for me ever since the beginning of Ramadhan. I’m taking it as being tested by God. Maybe God loves me so much that God tests me like this. I don’t know…

Anyway, I always keep this old sayings in my mind: “a good carpenter never complains about his tools.” So I tried not to complain. I still have my hands. But being the 21st century generation, I’ve been so spoiled by the presence of computers and all its wonderful functions. So hand writing is quite hard. And borrowing my sister’s less preoccupied laptop is very unlikely…borrowing things from my siblings always feel unlikely, so I decided to call my best friend and borrowed hers. She’s got a new netbook recently, so I think she wouldn’t mind if I borrow her oldest baby. That’s what best friend is for, right?

So here I am whining on public about my pity situation…using my friend’s old laptop…on Idul Fitri. What a life.


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