Here and There



I wanted my weekend to be just lazily at home watching tv or dvd…but i knew i couldn’t. I haven’t prepared many things for my traveling, so i still had to go out with my friend to buy something.

After finishing my business at the mall we went atraigt to Salihara for Lenka discussion. The key note speakers were Ayu Utami and Manneke Budiman. I came there late.

Meeting my friends and teachers always gives me a new energy and spirit to keep writing.

Having my feet on each of two different worlds sometimes make me feel like i never really belong to any of them. My architecture friends never count me as an architect, which is true, they always see me as a writer. And my journalist and writer friends always see me as a designer, if not architect, who writes.

This condition sometimes makes me hard to define myself. I realize that i can never really be an expert in any of them if i continue my life this way. But his is the price i have to pay for being greedy.

Sometimes i feel that i never really know architecture, cannot design well and knew just a little thing about the industry. And what i know about journalism or literature??? I know nothing but very small knowledge about both field…only a bit, just tiny bit, better than most people. And it makes me always feel like the most stupid person on both architecture and writing in comparison with my friends.


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