Solo traveling South Korea Starts!




The nervous of traveling solo to a far away country faded away this morning since i missed the 6am damri bus and ended taking ojek then taxi to get me to the airport… My incureable bad habit haha

My parents worried the most for my shoulders because i’m carrying my old prideful backpack..well it’s not even 9kg from airasia’s bagage limit of 15kg i ordered. And as for my carry on baggage i only got that little shabby leather bag Senti bought for me in Bau-bau..

One thing i hate the most from immigration is…that look. The look that only scarfed woman with shabby style like can understand. I know it’s their job to get suspicious by asking longer question than to other people, but still it always feels matter how much i get use to it. And spontaniously i always lift up my chin when answering them confidently.

Hope it’s gonna be alot of fun.. My 2011 solo traveling. Bismillah.


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