Nami Island






I mostly miss my friends more than i miss my parents,but not today. Coming to the romantic island didn’t trigger my mind to have a wish of coming here with a man, instead i was thinking about my parents. It was really surprising for me that it was the first time i miss my parents a lot so early during my backpacking..and also of all my backpacking experience. Nami island was so beautiful and definitely one of the beautiful places on the planet that i wish to go together with my parents.

I’m gonna upload more pics later.

And i met these two girls from Taiwan named Lisa and Winny. We shared taxi together to Gapyeong warf and then went seperate ways from there. But amazingly we met again in Nami island. Later i’ll add the picture with them.

Park yong ha memorial was so touching. There are many stones in there,indicating many people pray for him. It’s Korean way to pray for some onw who had passed away by putting stone.

Ah yeah, another surprise that i met again with the chinese family who sat next to me on the plane. They recognized me and we had a quick chat. I was exploring nami island by bike (rent 5000 won/hour) and was taking a break for having lunch..the manjoo cakes.

Who said that we have to go out of Cheongnyangni station to change into Sangbong and then Chuncheon line?? I was following people’s guideline at hte internet but they are not completely true. Yes he train station was different from the metro subway line,but they are connected. And who said we had to walk down to the bus station at gampyeong to get a bus taking us to the warf??? We don’t have to. There’s a bus shelter just across the street. Hopping into it just cost you 1000 won, while taking taxi was 2800-3000 won.

And guess what. They have muslim prayer room in nami island! Perfect.

We could still see people selling things in he train.

I went straight to myeongdeong after getting back to the city and ended up shopping…for my friend. Ahe gave me a long difficult list.

Arriving at silseoldong around 9.30 reminded to stay alert from the missionaries. But thankfully they werent there. I had to go to the convonient store before going to the hostel and unfortunately the missionaries were there at the dark entrance of an alley. The old woman recognized me and ran after me that she freaked me out. Im not a racist but frankly those heavenly mother missionaries were annoying and offending that i swear to scream out for help if she went after me into the shop.


2 thoughts on “Nami Island

  1. Hi, I read there is a muslim prayer room in Nami Island. Where exactly is this? How do I get to the prayer room?
    My family and I will be going there in a couple of months. Thanks a bunch.

    • it’s in a big white building called BAPLEX. there are many restaurants at the 1st floor. just go upstairs to the quiet gallery and you’ll see a sign on a corner. there’s wudhu place as well so no worry.

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