Got Sick and Got Lost









Just like any other tuesday, this one is a mess. Tuesday has always been my toughest day,the day when i can be very unlucky n super stupid at the same time. Tuesday is the day when i have to calm my self down, vey patient and leave everything to God.

I woke up in an unwell condition this morning and very late. The free shuttle bus to gyeongju left at 8 but i just woke up at around 6.30.
Because of my condition, i hesitated. And when i got there i was already late. But there’s a vietnamese girl i met through that experience. She said that she had been in the appointed meeting point since 7.45 but there’s no such a bus nor other tourists. That’s weird. We asked the info center officer but she didnt help alot. What about a back up plan? I didnt have any.

I ended up spending time in Donghwa duty free and then grabbing a kimbap breakfast with Huong. She got an interesting story. Majored in korean language n graduated last year, this young girl has a korean boyfriend. She said that they had been registered both in korea n vietnam as married couple but havent held any wedding ceremony. She showed me her wedding picture they just made last week n they were so cool. She said it was a very famous photographer in korea that costed them around 2500$ and long waiting list. But the result is worth it.

The temperature dropped severely. It was crazily freezing that i got numb on my fingers and a very terrible headache because of sinusitis. I started to have a running nose so i decided to take a nap.

Waking up at 1 pm i thought of going to the royal tombs after visiting hanok village. But after getting out of Sungshin women uni station,i couldnt find any appointed bus on any bus stop. So i let my self got lost in that suburban area…

After that i decided to spend the rest of my afternoon in dongdaemun. It’s pretty much like tanah abang in jakarta but much tidier and well organized. Again, the point of getting lost is let the mazed alleys guide you and dont bother to think of where you’re heading towards. Surprises always come when you get out of an exit you find yourself blocks away from where you started.

I found rows of 2nd hand book stores in dongdaemun. I got a dictionary i was looking for but quite expensive actually. 15000 won. I bargained the old man, “10000 won andweyo?” He said no.

Stupid thing happen when planned to walked down the cheonggyechon in dongdaemun to where it ended near gwanghamun square. Without really looking at the map, i walked confidently into a certain direction. I walked and walked and then started to wonder why the skyscraper buildings are getting rare and the city skyline getting lower. As the sun set down…i finally realized that the city downtown was supposed to be to the west. But i went to the opposite direction. Going up to the street i had no idea where i was and there’s not many people walked on the pedestrian way. No tourists for sure,except me. I was scared and desperate and felt unwell…but i couldnt stop there and whine to the universe. So i headed back to the path i had passed. Feelung upset and totally tired when i got back to dongdaemun,i gave up walking and changed into subway. I got there at last and it’s paid off.

I hate being hungry so i decided to buy more my-taste dinner and some snack. And when i saw my face in the mirror,i just realized that a certain part of my face turned red…my allergic. Thanks to eggs in the kimbap as the result for no-meat request and seafood odeng.

By the end of the day, i almost couldnt feel my toes.


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