To Busan and Back





“Don’t come!!!” that chinese boy,the hostel administrator part timer, screamed as i climbed up the stairs to pick up my washing. I freezed and thought for a second what made him scream at me. Then i just realized that he was changing his pants… I was like, what theeeeee “soorrrryyyy…” then rushed back downstairs.
You wont find this kind of incident in a starred hotel šŸ˜€

Taking the free shuttle bus, Seoul to Busan took around 4.5-5 hours depends on the traffic. The options were dillematic when we arrived in that 2nd biggest city in Korea: to stop at city downtown with its famous markets and BIFF square or stop at the famous beach Heundae. I missed the film festival so i really wanna go there.

I decided to get off at the first stop: Seomyeon Hotel the big Lotte empire in Busan consist of hotel, duty free, department store, and casino.

I ended up traveling with another solo traveler from Denmark. That girl was still very young,a high schooly, named Carie. We explored Gukje market, the book alley, and BIFF square.

Gukje market was pretty much like namdaemun or myeongdong. But that book alley was very nice.
BIFF square?i wish i could have gone inside the building….
Arriving back at the meeting point too early, Carie had an idea of spending time in the duty free.

One thing i hate the most from a long ride is it made you think about alot of things: life, future… Something more like self contemplation.

I finally let out all the things i’ve been keeping inside my heart. But that’s too personal to be shared.

I think people should go for an andventure alone to have their physical and mentality trained well. This activity is no way a piece of cake.


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