Walk and Walk:Bukcheon, Insadong, Itaewon, Coex and then Myeongdong








As the fans of korean most famous traveling show, “2 Days 1 Night”, I decided to start my journey today at Bukcheon hanok village. It was Seoul episode and Kim Jong Min was assigned to take photoshots on Bukcheon hanok village. It’s an old village where houses are designed in tradiional way. I really didn’t wonder why Jong Min lost several times on the alleys because the area was vast, probably around1-2 rukun warga in jakarta, and the 8 photo spots are far away from each other. I got lost many times my self :p that i had to take detours several times. And tbe weather was so nice…it was the first time i took out my jacket since i arrived in Korea. Probably just around 20°.
All along the way i just ran to many Japanese tourists, few chinese and maybe thai…and arriving at the spots i often met some korean middle aged women who also visit the place because they’re also the fans of 2D1N.

Going south from the hilly tiring hanok village was the famous Insadong. It’s a place for every artist should visit.

I took off to do prayer at Seoul Central Masjid at Itaewon. That area is tourist heaven. People from different races were here and there. And I found many halal restaurants. But that didn’t really matter for me either because i don’t eat meat basically…so i rushed to Coex, further south crossing the Han Gang, the big river deviding the city of Seoul.

Coex mall claimed itself as the larget underground mall in the world. Located under several towers of trade center, hotel,casino,city airport, this mall has shopping area, large cinema and and aquarium. However, in my opinion….this mall is still nothing in comparison with Jakarta or Singapore malls. Very disappointing that i couldn’t even find cartoon characters like Amurf and Dooly. Even the Dalgi shop was disappointingly small. I dont know what else to say…

Getting myself back at Myeongdong…my focus was finding that YP bookstore again to get some Kpop cds my friend asked me to buy.

I think Korean have a different kind of shopping culture in comparison with south east asians. They seem to obsess of cosmetics and high class brands like LV, Gucci, DnG, etc… It’s sooo hard to find music store, book store…even Pororo store. I mean, what the.. it’s quite pissing me off because it drove me insane tiredly looking for those things that i thought would be very easy.

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