Last Day was Shopping






Here comes the last day of my traveling in Seoul. I had no time to feel sad or mellow since i had a very long list for shopping. And i hated it. I never like shopping.

The most frustrating situation was when i had to shop for my friends and the items were so crazily hard to find…or when I found it so hard to buy something for my nephews and my sis insisted on having me buying some small hanboks for her kids when i already ran out of cash.

To let me sleep early later that day I woke up early in the morning and started my shopping as early as 9 in the morning. I was off to Namdaemun. Crazy things happened when i was shopping. From a very nice lady where I bought the rabbit hairband to the wicked old lady who kicked me out at first bargain for kids’ toys…shoot i wanted to curse her,but she’s an old woman so…

One thing shocked me so bad and i almost threw up in that market was when i realized that i was actually standing in front of a pig trotter restaurant. At first i really had no idea that those displayed meats were actually chopped pig’s feet. And there was also the full head! I instantly felt so sick in my stomach. I had to get my feet off that place immediately and make a few round trip within that market before going back to that place to take the picture from a distant.

Things are very expensives here, in comparison with even in Singapore. I ran out of cash so fast. With my backpacker tight budget, i tried my best to get everyone matter how small it is.


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