Back to Jakarta Raya




Waking up very early in the morning, worried to come late to the airport…i set my alarm at 4 and at 5.20 rushed to the airport bus shelter just less than 50 m from my hostel…i finally arrived at around 7.10 at Incheon int’l airport.

So there i the most famous place that almost every Korean drama must take some scenes at.

My bag was extremely heavy…way heavier than when i came to Seoul. And i had to bring another carry on bag for some of my stuffs. Most of my carrier backpack volume was filled by Senti’s shoppings. I was shock when i weighed the bag it said 14.7 kg! 6.7kg heavier than the volume when i came there…

The most boring moment was wheb i had to stay 5 hours at KLIA LCCT due to a delayed transfer. I ran out of ringgit (just enough for a chicken sandwich and mineral water) and samsung player’s battery was poor.

As soon as i touched down at Cengkareng, i rushed to KFC for food ;D

The next day i loaded out my bags and was surprise about the result. the picture shows only 2/3 of the shoppings. Unfortunately..most of them are not for me.


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