The Autumn Sky in Korea: Look Up






We don’t have autumn in Indonesia. Just two seasons which are due to global warming getting unclear which season happens when.
Going to South Korea last week during the fall, there was one simple thing I really wanted to do.
I got the idea from Korean movies and dramas I’ve watched and thought that the activity seemed very relaxing and brought a peaceful mind.
Originally, on the movies or dramas the actor was on the wheel and opened down the car window, looked up towards the sky, closed their eyes, took a deep breath and when they opened their eyes again, they saw the yellowish autumn leaves with the sun shining on the background.
Mostly they close that particular scene with a smile.

I got the chance to be on the wheels…but cycling in my case 😀 when I was at Nami Island.
There was a big corridor where tall trees were on both sides…yeah that famous tree corridor you may see in many Korean dramas and movies.
Hoping to get the relaxing and peaceful feeling I always imagined when watching this kind of scene on the screen…when I finally did it, man…it was real.
It felt like it was just me and the nature…magically, for a moment I could forget that there were actually many people around me.
I wrapped up that particular scene with a smile.

I also did this when I walked down from Bukchon Hanok Village. Without the wheels the breeze effect was not as touching as if you go by cars or cycle.

If you have a chance to this, please do try it. Let the soft autumn breeze flew by your face and the warmth of the sun light lift your spirit up.


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