Rainy Days So Mellow..

Rainy season has come.  Jakarta’s weather has turned a bit milder, but afternoons and evening tend to be gloomy. The climatology and geophysics agency had announced that next rainy season was gonna be normal..if that’s correct, then from November to probably around April and May we’re going to have rainy days.

As the rain starts pouring this city regularly since late October, i wrapped up the month by receiving a very bad news last Monday morning. A highschool friend passed away.

He was one of the nicest person i’ve ever known. He was our class president on year 10, but we kept saying hello and had a little chat until we graduate. And he did that with everyone he knew…which means, almost everyone at school. He was popular for teenage-novel’s perfect boy’s criteria: good looking (might not be very handsome,but good looking enough), basket ball captain, wealthy with politician dad, brainy, very friendly to everyone…in short, he’s simply the mr.perfect every teenage girls could dream.

Last time we met and talked was probably two years ago when me and some friends asked him to give us a lift home after our friend’s wedding party.
I couldn’t come to his wedding because it was Sunday night in Bandung. Heard he got his ideal woman and we were happy for him.
The last time I saw him was a few months ago in our friend’s wedding party. He came alone that night maybe becuase his wife was in her last months’ pregnancy. Unfortunately i didn’t have a chance to say hi.

The death announcement was pretty shocking. He got a traffic accident on his way to Jakarta from Bandung.

Good people die young…

i’m not gonna ask God why.

My friends and I and everyone who knows him must have only good memories about him. God must loves him so much that He calls him back at such a young age. I believe God will give him the best place in Heaven.
And for his wife and their baby, i believe God will give them strength and protection in the absence of him.

For this, an old song by Guns and Roses straightly popped up in my memory. For everyone who experienced late 80s and the whole 90s, I bet you can’t forget the phenomenal music video:


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