A Conversation With the Editor

I was asking my editor if we’re invited to a one day seminar held by IAI where some famous architects and writer will sit as keynote speakers when a question popped up in my head and I asked him,”How, in your opinion, to…” i hesitated thinking of the best word to use “…let’s say compete or outshone that famous writer?”

He said it’s gonna be hard. “She’s harvesting all her years of hardwork this recent years.”

I told him that many people, professionals in architecture, say obviously that she doesn’t write so well (for the expection standard they have from someone who calls herself a writer), but ironically in the end they buy her books –which are always expensive.

My editor said, “Because we don’t have any option.” Then he continued, “No, she doesn’t write well. I don’t even recognized that she can write (as a so-called writer), but the thing is she’s the only one. She works so hard for her career and has a very high self confidence.”

I added, “and she’s a foreign uni graduate.” –.–

He said, “Yeah…AA graduate. Surely something she can proud of and boast about.”

“Wow! Wasn’t she an Australian graduate?”

My editor then had a check on her complete profile somewhere on the net. The report said this: a degree from RMIT (melbourne), Swinburn univ (sydney), and a master of historian architecture –or whatever that is– from AA School…

Then my editor said,” So if you want to be a competition for her and get the same self confidence, you should at least got three degrees from foreign universities, and one of them should be from AA school.” ~~closed with a laughter.

I was like… Zzzzzzz –.–

Yeah, what a cruel cruel world.


One thought on “A Conversation With the Editor

  1. I don’t have a high expectation with her writings. She writes more in a catalogue genre, not about her thoughts in architecture. However, the fact that her works are well sold means she has something in her writings, not only about her degrees or her schools. I believe that people who bought her books are mostly who didn’t really know her school background.

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