Being out of the office to attend an architecture public lecture today, I wrapped up my day with conclusions.

#1 pure design presentation doesn’t interest me that much anymore since i’ve been more closer to construction for the past couple of years. But that Winy Maas’ presentation was impressive.

#2 my recently-twice-had-it-fixed injured shoulder could not bear any over weight backpack anymore. hfft, it’s hard for me to think that maybe i have to change into suitcase for future abroad travelling’ travelmate. the bone has been shifted and it makes even carrying less than 5kg backpack gave me an uncomfortable breathing on my left lung.

#3 the so called “the only” architecture writer in Indonesia not only can’t write, but also can’t talk. For a person who had spent years abroad, her english sucks. and my editor was wrong about someone has to gain at least 3 higher degrees from foreign universities to outshine her as an architecture writer. Getting a higher degree is necessary for knowledge and self confidence and to avoid you talking bulsh*t, but the most important key is to KEEP WRITING. of course, hard work is a must. and i need to stop here. no more talking about her.

#4 trying so hard to flip up my settle mindset about something in a very short time is a sickening process. unfortunately, it’s a sickening process that i have to go through as my dad’s youngest daughter.

#5 people don’t need to have many friends, having few best friends is already a great blessing and saves someone’s life,at least mine.

#6 as an A bloodtype, i really need to chill a little bit.


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