The Short Traveling: Yogyakarta







The title was a bit inappropriate because it was actually a long journey to Yogyakarta,but the headache i’m having now, i couldn’t think of other words.

It took us over 13 hours travelling by that uncomfy coach. I chose not to have any sitting partner for some reason, one of them was the hope to get more space for me to get a good sleep. But the seat itself wasn’t that supportive. There was no safety belt, that’s my first disappointment. The space between one seat to another wasn’t enough, especially for people whose height was over 150 cm. The overhead compartment was too small for even my backpack,so people with medium size backpack had to put their bags under their feet or just put them on any empty seats, both options were not efficient. They didn’t provide any pillow. It was a very hurting journey for my under-recovery shoulder…and sadly, i didn’t expect that applying counterpain could be that embarrasing.

With no morning shower we took off to Ullen Sentalu. The museum was interesting with all the vulcanic stones buildings. I always like history, so listening to the tourguide explanation and seeing those historical paintings and photos about a little piece of Javanese kingdom’s history was fun. Too bad taking pics inside was forbidden.

Yogyakarta has always been my favorite among other cities in Indonesia. But it was a very quick comeback. I had to rush to Mirota Batik in Malioboro at night because it was closed at exactly 9 pm. I was looking for a batik dress for the next day’s wedding party and a silver broche for my mom. And since i was running out of manset shirt,i had to rush to Mirota Pasaraya in Jalan Kaliurang in the morning.

We were late to the wedding party, supposed to arrive there at 11am but we arrived 20 minutes later. That worried me because i got a plane to catch. With no chance to taste those mouth watering foods, i rushed out but found it so hard to get a taxi. it was 15 minutes to 12, i was totally stressful. The first hero of the day was Timo, a colleague from Bali office, who showed up with his rented motorcycle. So i hijacked him to ride me to the ringroad area where I could find any taxi. It was already 12 when i finally got a taxi driving me to the airport. the boarding pass told me that i should arrive at the counter at least 12.10. I told the driver to get me there as fast as he could. And thankfully i didn’t miss the plane.

Arriving at Cengkareng terminal 3 at 2 pm, i took damri to Gambir station and took the train to Citayem. I had another wedding party to attend, one of my best friends from high school,Deara. She held the wedding at home, which was in a remote area. Her family moved there after her father’s retirement. It is a large house with large backyard and large fish pond, BUT it was in a remote area. As remote as any city girl could imagine. After getting off the train (which was surprisingly full of mothers with cranky toddlers…rrgh) i still had to take around 20 minutes ojek ride. When i finally got there at almost 4.30, there wasn’t many guest anymore. But the bride and groom were still on their stage. It felt a little strange that i just changed my clothes there, using the bathroom freely, praying and served myself the meal…felt like i visited my friend’s home in any ordinary day. After taking some pictures and had some chats with the happy couple (on the stage…because the parents weren’t even there anymore) i finally excused myself. The hero of that afternoon was my friend’s private ojek taking me back to the train station. Arriving at home at exactly 6pm, i felt like i was ready to collapse.

Thank God i arrived home safe and sound…i thought i couldn’t make it,but with God’s help i could.

And Happy Birthday to Mussa. Don’t get too smug that you are just joining club 25 while i’m ready to go to the next number’s club. haha.


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