Wedding & Next Ones





The idea of marriage still gives me a chill,but there’s always happiness in weddings. Attending a wedding to another can be tiring these days, so i try to be selective. I’m just gonna attend weddings where the bride or groom has a special meaning in my friendships record.

Last month one of my oldest friends in history held an engagement event. From kindergarten to high school…we went to the same school. We were even table mate in year 11. And we grow up in the same neighborhood. We went to the same uni but thankfully different faculty.
Anyway, this engagement event was special and the family managed to hold it well within their current sudden hardship moments. My friend’s dad was going for a second surgery due to his stroke exactly the next day. The happiest person in that event actually wasn’t my friend, but her mom. Her mon had been waiting for so long for that day to come when a young fine man proposed her eldest daughter to marry him. I remember when her mom was crying on our friend’s wedding…she’s dramatically touched and almost frustrated that time 😀 And that aunty never believes me whenever she asks me (and she ALWAYS asks!) where is my boufriend and i say i have none. “Dont lie to me…just bring him down here. You should introduce him to me soooon.” And my response to that is always a smile 🙂
My friend, Eka, is the one in the middle on the first pic.

And yesterday night I attended the wedding of one of my fellow girls from Ural 28. We were strong girl scouts back then…sharing the hardships of high school time that not many people had been through in their lives. For Ural 28 we owe so much and the most precious thing after the amazing 3years of adventures is of course the life long friendship. We were the image of strong girls in our school when we were 17…shabby but gained a certain respect from others for our charisma….and look at us in our 25! Haha…no comment.
Rahma’s wedding was gorgeous but very intimate in the same time. Most friends were good friends in that event. And the food…hoho, i was too busy eating when the crowds telling me a minister was coming…ha! the president’s in-law. and the funny thing is…my friend’s wedding reminded me of that minister’s daughter’s wedding. Javanese culture for the ceremony and Palembang culture for the reception…complete with the long dancings. Coincident or they’re kind of related or something? Well…dont care,the chicken soup was too delicious to be ignored 😀

ps. the extra lady in grey to my left in the last pic was my friend’s mom…just think this information is important to avoid any unexpected misunderstanding (if you get what i mean).


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