The Peaceful New Year



I decided to spend the New Year’s eve with my dad at home instead of joining my mom and my sisters in my eldest sister’s place downtown. And spending the day alone with my dad was like spending time in zen…very quiet and peaceful. But when he spent most of the night in his room, i was totally absorbed by the television and the couch. Some people might think i was pathetic, but i’m basically a loner so the activity and the situation was actually heaven. A neighbor’s daughter was celebrating birthday and they sent those parcels actually for my nephews. But my nephews weren’t at home, so i think it’s okay to eat them on my nephews’ behalf. hoho. It’s been a long time since the last time i enjoyed marble candies 😀

Well, having plenty of time on my own brought me into a contemplation moment. I thought about alot of things, making plans for my life in 2012…But I didn’t make any New Year’s wish list or any particular prays since i had done that on Islamic New Year, but i do really hope that everything works well in the next 12 months.

But the contemplation moment didn’t last long. Someone on television distracted me. Haha. So i returned to the telly, enjoyed the show and the free snacks. And that young guy won an award. Don’t ask me why i’m interested in this actor in particular because i dont think i have any solid reason. His acting wasnt as best as other best actors yet, his face is not as handsome as other handsome actors either, not yet a big name he has, but if i’m going back to Korea soon and find any man like him…hmmm…i’ll consider something. 😀

But i’m not gonna ask much to God because He’s been very generous to me, especially by answering my top wish list on 2011. So im just going to run my life well and humble in 2012… Recently i’ve lost one special item, my favorite and expensive that it made me very upset…but the incident taught me a thing: living a high style life doesnt suit me.

And waking up on the 1st day of January welcomed by an all day pouring rain felt great! What a refresh and blessing..and of course what a great day to stay looonger under the blanket. This is what i call a very good holiday.

May 2012 be a blessing year for me and for everyone…


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