Sex and the City

About the title, I couldn’t think any best words to describe my evening talk with my girl friends. When women are together, we mostly talk about fashion and gossips. But I never thought we’re gonna talk about sex that vulgar but casual and fun.

It started out with my newly-wed friend made a review about her first night. OMG. Haha. But surprisingly, nothing was really exciting about her first night besides my other two friends kept bugging her almost the whole night through blackberry messenger asking “Have you done it?” “You did it already or not yet?” “Not yet isn’t it?” “How is it???” They all are very funny. But then the story got slowly but sure got more vulgar and almost descriptive. OMG -again-. And my other two friends kept asking about details while the respondent gladly explained everything in detail, too. Ooouuuggh. I really didn’t like the topic, but since the girls were very funny talking about it, I kind of….listening? haha, well, we’re all grown ups. My friend said, “It’s okay ki, it’s science! Something to learn about.”

The most funny thing was when my newly-wed friend told about how our already-5months-pregnant friend who lived in US gave her a brief of something I called the-science-version-of-kamasutra. Hahaha. She told her about what position she had to hold when doing sex, the timing thing, and which side she should lean to after the “climax” to get the preferable gender of the baby. Yeahh, it’s science. The science of how to make a baby :D.

*really can’t believe i’m writing this… (–.–!”)

And since we had so many meaningful-and-not-meaningful things to talk about, we even moved from one eating place to another. My friends were craving for this food: Chicken feet. Oughh. Really not my menu. But there’re always veggi in almost every eating place, right? So out of five of us, the four girls enjoyed this spicy chicken feet, while I tried a vegetable ha kau.

Oh, and look at how gorgeous the nails of my friend’s little sister are… This younger sister has been like our younger sister, and part of this ladies group since she always tags along us. These sisters are very funny and unique. I like their styles. This evening, the older sister got a tattoo on her back and the little sister got this beautiful art nail. I even like their mother, she really rocks. (Hi, Aunty! love you) 😉

And I have something else to talk about.

It’s been a constant rainy days in Jakarta. And on last Thursday, we got a little storm, but caused quite a chaos. This is the situation in front of my working place right after the storm.

And this picture was taken the next morning, Friday morning.

Was a giant just passed by this place and stepped on those trees?

Jakarta is more sucks after the heavy rain. Not only the trees fallen everywhere (some even caused accidents), but also all kind of land transportation fail. Cars and buses were stuck on the street because of heavy traffic jam. Train’s got signal troubles. Taxis were mostly taken. This metropolitant city builds its metropolitant image like crazy with those fancy skyscrapers, but it forgets to improve the infrastructure system.


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