The Fever for Two Days

The saddest thing happened to me early this week is I fell sick. I got bad fever for the past two days, and tonight I’m feeling much much better that I can sit in front of my laptop and writing this blog and Youtube-ing. 🙂

But my week started with a senior colleague tried to bring me down without any rationale reason. It was very surprising that he thought my twit was about him! I swear I didn’t know anything until my Editor twitted that there’s a surprising e-mail for me on Sunday night. It was almost midnight when I read it. I had no idea what he was talking about until I read the whole twitter mention that it ended with that senior colleague said that we were talking about him. So I opened my inbox -note that it was my business e-mail inbox- and found that one of my Friday morning twits was posted as a title of an e-mail…from him.

In the body text, he thought that twit was about him -which mentioned no name at all, and frankly speaking that twit was absolutely not about him because basically I didn’t think that he and I had any problem. What surprise me the most was he Cc-ed the e-mail to two of my managers. Hilariously, he was making it a very big deal that he would want to bring it up in a managerial meeting?? And who did he think he was telling me what to twit on my twitter account??? I’ve got a security blocked accound and the freaking fact was he was not even my follower. And there’s only one person retwit that twit, she was my high school friend, whom I 100% confident that she and him had no link at all. So the conclusion was…he stalked me!

As a colleague I took his action as very offended and unprofessional. First thing is, I didn’t even know that we had any problem, which might be different from his point of view. Second thing is, that’s my personal twit! Personal thing! If the condition was those two cc-ed managers were my followers and they read the twit on the twitter, it was not a problem. That means I have  let them see my personal life and twitter is a public place. But the situation is different. I’m not the kind of person who mix personal and professional life, especially with bosses. There’re some colleagues who are also friends, but I never make friends with bosses. And that person has spread out my personal life in a professional realm and dragged out my bosses into it…through stalking on my life. What a creepy character.

It’s been along time since the last time I got very very angry. No one knows how angry I was because with all the energy i have, I tried to hold it so no one would ever ever see me so angry. I felt like I could yell at his face in the morning or even punch him on his face, but my rationale told me not to. I couldn’t lower my level into the same level as him. I’m way smarter than that.

In short story, I replied his e-mail to let him know that I’m not an easy person for him to bring down. In football, if I play on the premier league, he’s just on the third or fourth level league. In Indonesian football that means he’s just playing for Rukun Tetangga level (neighborhood level).

And I don’t want to talk about him anymore. So enough here.

Back to my sickness.

Maybe after the combination of anger and rain shower on a windy night after meeting, I broke down with a fever. And I couldn’t wake up from the bed the whole day next day. I really hate it when I got sick. And the only solution for my sickness has always been my doctor. He’s been my doctor since I was a kid, and I never got recover sooner with other doctors, so it has to be him. And yeah, today I ‘m feeling better. I could get off my bed without feeling dizzy or caused the temperature up again. I could watch TV with my nephews and I could go online!

But the medication effect made my taste dull. Everything seems tasteless for me today, not even a chocolate. the only thing taste better for me is only gandaria pickle. My relative made it and she said it’s very sour and bitter…for those who know how bitter and sour gandaria can be know what i’m talking about. But today for me this what so called very sour and bitter pickle taste just fine for me. It’s the only thing I could really taste today!

gandaria pickle

With my condition getting better, I’m ready to go back to work tomorrow and I know loads of works are waiting for me. It’s okay, I think i’m ready for that. Above all, I miss all the chats and laughter there…

Anyone wants to try gandaria? Hehehe…


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