I Am Going to Enjoy My Birthday

21 January(ies) of my live always different from year to year. There are sweet 21 January(ies), a little sad 21 January, unforgettable 21 January(ies)…and I hope today i’m going to have another sweet 21 January. I want to enjoy today, in my own way. I am going to enjoy my birthday.

Growing up does suck! But birthday has to be enjoyable. Should be the most cheerful day of the whole year, because it’s the day we remember how we’re lucky and was so blessed that God had let us be born into this world.

This morning, a line from a movie just popped up in my head. It was from Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman’s 2010 movie “The Switch”. There’s a line when Sebastian, Kassie’s (Jennifer Anniston) 6 year old son, told Wally (Jason Bateman) that he’s going to have a party for his birthday when they were in the zoo. Wally said (more or less like this, I couldn’t remember the exact line):

“You should enjoy your birthday party now when you still enjoy it. There’ll come a day when you’re not excited about birthday. You don’t want anyone to know your birthday. Because birthday reminds you of what you have or haven’t accomplished in life.”

I don’t know if I make some lines up, but more or less like that. Please do correct me if i’m wrong, i’ll appreciate it.


That man was right. I should enjoy my birthday while I still enjoy it.

So, I’m going to enjoy today 🙂

Happy birthday to me…


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