Did I Enjoy My Birthday?

I did enjoy my birthday. Had a nice morning chit chat with my sister and mother while having good snacks for breakfast, received birthday wishes from friends through many kinds of technology, played with my nephews, re-watched my recently ended favorite Korean drama, spent half of the day with my best friend and did some girls’ activities, set our business plan for the next 3 months (my best friend and I about our website), had a very nice dinner and conversation with both of parents (thankfully we just had nice daughter-parents conversation and I didn’t have to get any Papa’s preach for today -he preached me enough, I guess), finishing up the website data moving to the new server… It’s a very relaxing day. Thank God for that.

And I’ve got one thing (a pair) that came as a result of a “productive half day girls’ activity”: girl stuff’s consumption. Haha, I’ve tried to talk like my favorite Hollywood’s serial’s character, Dr. Temperance Brennan from “Bones”…but mine sucks huh? Okay, in simpler sentence, I ended up buying a pair of heels…very high heels. 10 cm!! I gotta be out of mind. Normally, the post-purchase-stress-syndrome’s main issue was the amount of money I have spent, but this time…it was the height. 10 cm…oh My Dear God.

My defense arguments were: I’m interested in having at least a pair of high heels, real and good one, these days; and despite the fact that the heel is 10 cm high, it’s surprisingly comfortable. The heels were stable, the material didn’t hurt my feet, and so on and so on..well, girls know when shoes are good or not on their feet. And when I tested wearing both feet, another surprise was that I could walk comfortably. My best friend was a very good supporter and counselor in shopping girl’s things from make up to shoes. Hehe. What about the cost? It’s on saleeee… 😀 My reasons are quite strong to encourage me to let the cashier swept my credit card on her machine, right??

But…by the end of the day, as a true A blood type person and my father’s half DNA carrier, I turned out thinking about my balance in the bank account. 😀 My best friend casually said, “Oh please…let by gone be by gone!” (she’s a B, by the way). Well, okay…I like the shoes anyway. Case closed. 😉


I really thank God for today. For everything. I couldn’t thank God enough. And I won’t forget my will to live a humble life this year… 😀 Guide me always, God, amin.


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