“Don’t Worry Too Much”

Inspiration comes in the morning, some people say that. For me that’s how it works, too. I’ve been avoiding my blog for the past weeks for so many reasons. I hate finding myself putting down so much personal emotion in a public place. And these days emotions kind of take over me, and frankly I hate it. I needed time to clear my head and switch on ‘hold myself up’ button before showing myself to the public again. My best friends call me “plain” not for no reason.

It’s 2 days before my flight to Seoul. I woke up in the morning just like usual. Going back to bed after the morning prayer, not for sleeping. I want to really enjoy my bed and put everything in my memory clearly. I stared at my old-models-from-architecture-school above my closet and then stared at my world map on the wall. Then I opened my window and the smell of the wet earth after last night’s rain embraced me, so refreshing. The sun wasn’t up yet, so the air was still nice. I turned on my laptop and started reading my friends’ blogs. I miss blogging (personal blog).

Before this morning, I had so many stories and ideas and emotion expressions in my head that I badly wanted to put down here on my blog, but I refrained so many times. It’s for the same reason I said in the first paragraph. I prefer sharing my real feelings to  a real person, a best friend, whom I’m sure she/he knows me well. Last night a best friend from high school came all the way down to my home straightly from work despite the  rain because she missed our meeting last weekend. It was very touching. I told her that I’d been having so much emotions and worries about this whole moving-to-Seoul things. With her soothing and sincere expression she said, “You’ll be fine. Don’t worry too much. Just live it.”

It’s LIVE not LEAVE.

And now the sun is up on the clear morning sky and the light falls exactly on my laptop. I still want to stay a little longer on my bed this morning.


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