Greetings From the Academy Goshiwon’s Rooftop

It’s quite a warm day, though it’s very cloudy Sunday in Seoul, but 5C after days of minus degree is considered warm. Even yesterday when my Indonesian friends and I had an afternoon walk to Dongdaemun market, on that sunny Saturday, some Korean people already put off their coat.

Today I washed my heavy coat and jeans and found the rooftop door was open. So I took a look outside and got an idea of taking some pictures. Just click to see larger, but they weren’t taken by SLR or even a proper camera. I just used my Samsung multimedia player.

This is the main view, Seoul City downtown:

The very close Seoul Tower, i’m at Namsan Park area anyway…

The Namsan Track where today many people, like many other holidays, go to for a walk or exercise (if you can see there’re people in my pic there):

The long way down (or up if I come from the main street)…and that’s a big house with so many big dogs—or wolves, they’re the type of dogs that are like wolves, I dunno what’s the name of the breeding type:

Just want to show the rooftop:

(just rising up my samsung a bit)

(and put it down a bit) 😀

And that’s the door…

Ah, i think i’m gonna put some pictures I took in Dongdaemun here. Not many, because I was too busy eating while my friends were too busy window shopping :p If only we went there a bit later, this place would be a lot more crowded with street vendors and hoppers. But this, they’re just starting…so not really that interesting yet.




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