Professor Jeon’s Class and the Rain on March 5th

In the beginning of the class, Prof.Jeon asked me, “do you know what date is it today?” Innocently I answered, “Today is the 5th of March.” I knew it’s not the answer he’s expecting, so then he explained: for Korean, today is called 경칩  (kyeong chib) means the shocking day for the hibernating animals, in simple words, it’s the beginning of spring.

But the fact is today’s weather still freezing. The rain is pouring almost the whole day.

Professor Jeon’s class is Sustainable Architecture. One of today’s presentations was about Korean traditional house built during the Jeoseon Dynasty, the building called Yeoyudang (여유당) the home of a famous philosopher during that era, Jeong Yak Yeong. It’s located in Jeollanam-do.


For a traditional Korean house, having an even numbered spans (4) is not a common thing. This design rule is used in Japan, while in Korea they use the odd numbers: 3, 5,etc. And the part we see in the picture is the building for male, straightly facing the street –close to public space, while the female area is on the back of the house, enclosed by fences. Seeing the doors are folding open in the picture, means it was summer. The one my professor showed, the doors were close, because he just revisited the site last holiday. Learning from Yeoyudang facade is related to our theme of the class, sustainable facade. Prof. Jeon wanted us to learn about sustainable facades start from Korean traditional houses, before moving into modern buildings.

Despite the interesting lecture material, I was struggling to get his words because he spoke mostly in Korean and there are so many untranslated Korean terms for each part of the building –it’s very common to deal with untranslated native terms for vernacular architecture. Hope I can do well in this class.

Ah, this cool note is a gift from him. I use this note for his class. Prof. Jeon is gonna be my supervisory professor for the rest of my study in Dongguk.

When I off for goshiwon after the sunset, it was still raining and crazily freezing. But on my way I tried my best to capture these pictures with my samsung. I know, not good shots, hope next time my pocket camera will get better shots.

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