Lonely in the Crowd

I keep dreaming of being back home.

I was at home, with my beloved family, but sadly it’s only a dream.

Life is not getting easier, I don’t know why.

There’re so many limitations in food.

There’s a big limitation in language.

And getting myself into a new community is not that comforting either.

I miss eating without any hesitation.

I miss speaking without really have to think.

I miss being alone without feeling lonely.

I’m not sure if i’m gonna miss today in the future.

I know this sounds too sentimental. I hate it. But at least I write it down somewhere.

*I thought I have changed, but apparently I have not. Instead of feeling happy meeting new many friends, I ended up coming back to my place in a bad headache and feeling uneasy in my stomach.


2 thoughts on “Lonely in the Crowd

  1. Rizzzkiiiiii are you okayyyy 😦
    maap kantor lg rushing proyek bgt gw…mau submission..kmrn jd ga sempet YM..bos gw uda mo jalan…

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