An Introduction to Korean Food #Part 1

The title sounds elaborate, and actually it does. Most Korean foods contained pork or about pork, so actually I can’t make a real introduction to Korean food. However, so far I try my best to let my self try some “safe” foods. I’m not gonna say “halal” because it’ll sound ridiculous, so “safe” here means the food will be about veggie and seafood or in Singapore it’s something with the tag: no pork no lard.

The basic thing about Korean culinary is probably the interesting fact that where ever it is, they always have main dish and side dish, and kimchi as side dish is a must. My Korean language class teacher said, “Most Korean eat kimchi everyday.” So it’s a fact.

Korean eat with spoon and chopstick. Looking for fork? better bring your own if you need it.

The first dish will be bibimbap. I love bibimbap. I asked my senior, Ahn Ji Hyoon, what bibimbap means. She said,”it means mix rice.” And so it is. If you go to restaurant that serves bibimbap, the appearance will mostly like this:

What I had was a basic bibimbap because it made from fresh veggies (cucumber slice, bean sprout, carrot, mushroom and other veggies) and half cooked egg. Some bibimbap can have tuna or beef or even pork. The other foods in the smaller plates are side dishes (yeah, that many). Rice came after that. They usually add some spicy chilly sauce on top of bibimbap, but not in this one. And when the rice came, you put all the rice into the bowl and just mix them all. The price for bibimbap varies. In Dongguk, It’s only 2,000-2,200 won, while outside it’s about 4,500 to 6,000 won, depends on the restaurant.

Ah, on the right hand side there’s a bowl of soup. Besides kimchi, Korean usually have soup. They’re like a pair, kimchi and soup. But kimchi and rice are compulsory while soup is semi-compulsory.

The next food is my favourite: tteokpokki – the spicy rice cakes

tteokpokki in Dongguk’s canteen maybe the cheapest with only 1,500 won (plus egg) because outside it should be around 2,500 and no egg. On the right hand side, the foods I don’t mix is mandoo. I can’t it mandoo because inside mandoo is pork. Why I like tteokpokki? They’re chewy, tasty and spicy 🙂

The last food in this posting will be this fish dish. I don’t really like this because it’s actually a fish soup. I don’r really like wet-fish kind of dish, because the fishy smell often stay. But that time it was for free, so…just tried to enjoy it. This food cost around 20,000 and it’s for around 4-5 persons.

As for snack, this biscuit is my favorite. Each biscuit has a layer of nice chocolate on top of it. If you like chocolate and biscuit, try this. It’s around 1,200-1350 won, depends on the place.


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