Catch a Cold




One of my fears finally happened. It’s been the 3rd day I catch a cold. This fragile body…ahh. But Seoul’s weather has been uncertain. Earlier this week was still so cold. Even snow suddenly came down on Saturday afternoon. But the last two days the weather is getting warmer. Today was 14C that I even got a little sweat arriving in the lab. The duet of panadol flu and redoxon fortimun didn’t work, so i had to go to campus clinic to get some real medicine. They give health service for free, just need to bring the student ID card. But they give the medicine per day. If i dont get better today yet, i can come back again tomorrow to continue my medication. I’ve been just being in the room for 2 whole days, mostly sleeping because i felt so dizzy. So it’s nice to be out a while today and the weather was nice even though the clouds cover the city whole day.


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