When Leisure Doesn’t Really Cost Anything – Part 1

I’ve been trying to shrug away my frustration facing this cultural shock in my early months in Korea. As a solitude lover, I finally realized that I stay a bit way too often in my room, especially when I have no class. (but it wasn’t completely my mistake, Korean weather has been crazy, really). So last Sunday I decided to have a late afternoon walk in that warm sunny day.

I was supposed to just go to Dunkin’ Donuts and grabbed some doughnuts or waffles, but seeing Namsan Hanok Village looked excited with many tourists, I spontaneously decided to give a visit  there. Well, this is one of the best things living in the heart of Seoul, tourist destination is just around the corner 🙂

I hate it that I didn’t bring my camera, but thankfully I always kept my samsung pmp with me. So here some pictures I captured there.

The tourists

The gold fishes

The plaza and Namsan/ Seoul Tower in the background.

The big beautiful pond.

The crafts.

Hanok Village is an area where there are Korean traditional houses from Jeoson dynasty. I didn’t explore all houses because it would take me quite a long time, so I just visited this one small house of a scholar from the Jeoson dynasty.

Normally, Korean traditional house has at least 2 buildings: the man’s quarter and the woman’s quarter.

Beautiful slanting roof, isn’t it?

The exhaust chimney and the water fountain.

The interior. That checkered wooden floor is interesting.

Seoul is where the ancient meets the modern.

And in the end, instead of going to DD like my first plan, this Korean traditional fish-shaped waffle caught my attention more. I like this waffle because when it’s still hot, it’s a bit crunchy at the edges and the red beans inside it is sweet.

So actually, it cost me 1,000 won for the waffle, but spontaneous  snacks never counted, right?



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