When Leisure Doesn’t Really Cost Anything -Part 2

After Tuesday, since I started my first semester in Dongguk Uni. there’s one more day I’m not excited about: Thursday. It’s the day of Architecture Design class where the professor doesn’t speak English.

After the class today I decided to visit the biggest bookstore in Korea, Kyobo Bookstore, in the underground of Gwanghwamun area (Subway line 5 exit 4). My friend asked me why I was  going there. I said for leisure and she just made that look –the “who’s going to bookstore for leisure” look — Well, I am. Books are always soothing. And in books I find peace.

Kyobo bookstore is huge. The foreign language collection was awesome. And the best thing about this huge bookstore is they allow you to read there and even give some reading spots behind the shelves. So I explore almost all categories of the foreign language books and skimming many books. From The History of Korea for Non-Korean to some novels, and found an interesting way of writing in Haruki Murakami’s novels. For a break, I looked around the book store, exploring the stationary sections, the exclusive architecture and design corner, reading some local magazines about fashion and entertainment industry (haha), and music store. Too bad taking pictures is very unlikely since there’re so many signs of “no camera”.

Then I decided to take one novel by Haruki Murakami after a round trip and found a comfortable reading bench. This writer may have a Japanese name, but I think he’s definitely an American. He writes like an American writer, and he has an interesting way of writing and story telling.

As you can see the title, this book really tells about how Haruki Murakami loves for run. He said running has many similarities with writing a novel. It’s a very interesting to find someone was writing about running in such an interesting way. I made a good choice for the quick reading. Then I came to this page where there’s a line: “I’m the type of person who doesn’t find it painful to be alone.” Haha, felt like reading my own line. But on the next page, I was soon disappointed because he said he was married young, at the age of 22. All of a sudden, his lovely writing about solitude evaporated to the air for me.

I finished the first chapter and checked on my watch. It was 15 to 5pm. I hate subway in Seoul’s rush hour, so I just left right away. And on my way back, I just realized the vendor I walked pass earlier was actually selling pirate dvd. I noticed Gone with the Wind. 2,000 won for a dvd everyone! Indonesian pirate dvds’ price beat the whole world, I guess. Only around 0.6USD , hahh!

It’s actually cost me the subway fare, but since it’s worth it, I don’t think I have to count it.


2 thoughts on “When Leisure Doesn’t Really Cost Anything -Part 2

  1. Rizki!!! me too find peace and leisure in a bookstore!
    tho now i think i shud stop buying books. (butuh sesi curhat ki buat yg ini..kapan sempettt?)

    and anywayyy…i’m currently reading that Murakami’s running book. been thru half of it. I shud say it’s a good one, u’ll like it.

    • huaaa lo lg baca buku ini juga cal..eh don’t stop buying books. hehe baiklah, ayo kita bersua lagi di chat room 🙂

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