May in Seoul Part 1

My Korean Language teacher said that May is the queen of the year, in terms of May in Korea. Flowers are blooming, the weather is nice, and the nature is just in its most beautiful appearance on May. And the city has been having many festivals and events. One of the first attraction was Jongmyo Daeje, the hundreds years old of a ritual. During the Joseon Dynasty, the ritual was held once a year where the King prayed for the ancestors in Jongmyo Shrine. The Joseon dynasty might be over (oh tragic history of Korea) long ago, but the government revived the ritual again…I think mostly for tourism. Now it’s held every first Saturday of May every year. I went there with my Korean friends.

The preparation started in Gyeongbokgung Palace at around 11 am and from here they would go on a royal parade to Jongmyo Shrine. It took probably 40-60 minutes to move from Gwanghwamun area to Jongno area.

That kid was the actor for Crown Prince.

The strong grandfathers.

The ritual was held in both of 2 buildings in Jongmo shrine complex and lasted from 1 pm to 6 pm. It was so burning hot that day and I forgot to bring my umbrella.

We only stayed until the first ritual ended at around 3pm.

Kim Boram and I in Gyeongbokgung with the royal court actors.

Boram took this picture of us. The orange Jaehyeon really looked like an orange. And we met Ratih and her friend on our way to Jongmyo.



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