Getting a Hold of Myself

Everyone should deal with her/his own anger, frustration, and sadness. There’s no other option. We cannot expect the world to give us as big empathy as we might have given to them. People just don’t care about other things than themselves, their own happiness. That’s just how the world works, the world I know.

My teacher said I was born with many antenna. I have the ability to see many things…almost everything that it drives me crazy and I cannot do anything about it because it’s just in my blood, in me.

I don’t want to go back to the character that even my parents thought as mean and scary. But the world seems to keep pushing me. People shouldn’t push me to reveal that side of me to them. Really.

My best friend very seriously suggested me to join an acting class, to let me maintain a healthy social life.

Should I shut myself from the world once again? People make me tired these days. Really.

Is it because I’m just tired or the rain?

Anyway, Seoul starts its rainy season today.



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