Reconciling With the Dream

It’s been a long time since I had the dream. I thought I’d never get such signs again. Thought they’ve gone away, but I think something that’s embedded in our blood would never really go away as long as we live. No matter how much I resent it, it’s part of me. I cannot do anything about it.

I had a dream about father. I saw he’s injured and got bandage around his upper leg. He had a difficulty in walking. I asked, “What’s wrong with you, father?” He and my mother said, “I’m okay. Don’t worry about it.” I was standing outside the house and both were walking on our house’s side terrace.

Next day I text my mother to have a skype call. She said she’s out of home with my sister. They’re looking for presents for my niece and nephew. They’re visiting my eldest sister the next weekend. I remembered it was Thursday.

I didn’t want to bring up about my dream to my parents when we finally talked on Friday. But I did. I asked my dad if he’s fine. I told him I saw him in my dream. He asked what I saw. “Mmm…it’s nothing in particular,” I lied. “Maybe just because I miss you. But are you fine?” He said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. Just keep praying for my health. I know you really want to go home, but hang in there for a little while. You’ll be home soon anyway.”

Then his first two sentence were the same thing I heard the next three weeks. They spent two weeks in Singapore.

The text I received from my mom yesterday was short and it freaked me out.
“I’m in the hospital with Dad, can’t talk to you now.”
“Dad is sick?”
“Nothing’s serious, he just couldn’t pee.”

My dad is not the type of person who wouldn’t go to the doctor if it’s not serious. So being hospitalized indicated an alert situation. But nobody really told me anything. Thankfully my best friend (really, what can i do without her?) offered a help. I asked her to dig some information from our house helper.

Dad got a surgery yesterday, but he’s okay now.

I pushed my brother in-law to talk. He’s reluctant but eventually spoke.

My dad was hospitalized for a day in Singapore. And as soon as he touched down Jakarta airport, they went straight away to the hospital. He said Dad’s under recovery now.

I never wrote to public anything about my dreams before. But with another dream I got last night, my head feels a bit heavy. I always thought being born with too many “antenna” just give me an agony. But strangely this morning, as soon as I woke up, for the first time in my life, I really appreciate it.

My father is going to be fine.

[took the image last year. autumn in nami island, south korea]


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