Dearest Teacher

Teaching is an act of singularity to singularity. It is not talking to a group. They teach you of your own singularity, because only a singularity can teach a singularity.” –Louis I. Kahn, Between Silence and Light.

I have a very good memory for the last 18 weeks of Korean Class. Sonsaengnim (Korean word for teacher) said it’s the longest class she’s ever taught…and probably one of the smallest. Our class was no fun, but our teacher was. She’s the one who made our class became lively, filled with laughter and made learning Korean enjoyable. When I think of it now, it’s kind of weird. A group of five serious students taught by a full of fun, easy going, funny, very smart and cheerful teacher. I couldn’t imagine what a super boring our class would have been if our teacher hadn’t been her.

Surely i’m gonna miss the class, especially her. I’m gonna miss our teacher’s interesting stories…from the story about her husband (^^) and the story of her experiences living in many different countries to any documentary videos she often watches. I’m also gonna miss the snacks she usually brought us on any good Fridays. My favorite moment was when she palm-reading each of us, and I like what she told me about me. ^^

Really, I’ve learned so many things beyond Korean language from her. For me, she’s the coolest teacher ever!

(she’s in her 40s, but look how she’s still confidently wearing sneakers)

Three days every week, from 9-12. We studied Korean.

And here’s our class.

Indonesian girl, me: always sits on the front seat in the class. the best in class for sure. >smug< (hoho)

Philippines girl, my bestie: her life here is mostly about lab, sample, sampling, and myeongdong. 😀 she’s always late, winner for late comer, BUT she really studies hard, really really.

Vietnamese girl, my ex-girl next door: she studies hard and speaks the softest voice. a very nice girl.

Vietnamese boy: the mysterious one, sometimes he’s there and sometimes not, no one really knows. often chose me to be his speaking practice partner (“I like her voice,” he said ^^). and everybody admits he’s actually a very nice guy.

Pakistani boy: always the first to come to class. he has a high motivation in learning Korean. but often gives everyone a hard time.

We couldn’t give much to her, but hope she’ll like our small gift.

I know this song is actually about lovers poetic memories, but I think the mood still matches this post. It’s an old Korean song, the soundtrack of 2002 movie “The Classic”, sang by 자전거 탄 풍경 (bicycle riding scenery). This song actually reminds of my very first Korean penpal friend, Yum Kyung Shik.



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