Some people do not (or choose not to) believe in ghost or other supernatural thingy. I also wish I don’t. But unfortunately, I was born in this family. Dealing with this kind of thing is just something that’s embedded in our DNA. Like it or not, or no matter how crazy hard I’ve been trying to deny it (my whole life maybe), it’s just something we can’t run away from. That’s my ancestors to be blamed.

I went back home to Jakarta for holiday. But among all good moments I spent with my family and best friends, I decided to share this creepy story in my blog. Well, not that creepy, actually. But it’s more of annoying and I really hate it that I should experienced it during my short vacation at home.

Hhh, where should I start?

Entering my adulthood I actually start to admit to myself that I have that one particular family DNA with me. I don’t see ghost, no (but doesn’t mean never, just not regularly). My thing is in another kind of ‘abnormality’ (if you may say so) Anyway. But I know that I have a certain level of sensitivity that is probably a bit higher than other people. Let’s say it’s one of my “many antenna”. I could sense when the air around me is denser than the normal one which means there’s something there, but I never thought as I passed 25, the sensitivity level just got higher. Or maybe it’s the effect of last year incident. I don’t know, but I felt things got worse. And it sucks.

To shorten my story. This one particular day I sensed that ‘something’ was trying to ‘play’ at me. I don’t know how to explain it well, I just knew it.The air felt not right. And the confirmation for my sense was the fact that I couldn’t sleep at night. It’s one of the “things” in my home, because the way “it” presented “itself” and the way “it” ‘talked’ nonsense with me. The air around me felt so heavy for a couple of days until I asked my mom to sleep with me. She knew whenever I asked her to sleep with me, something not right is going on. My mom said I must have been lazy to recite some special verses from the Quran I actually have to do like every night. I told her I was not, well sometimes, but most of the times  I did. I just had no idea why it still happened.

So this one night my mom just slept beside me. I still couldn’t sleep, but still kept trying. I covered my head with pillow because we left the light on. Then it’s probably just after midnight when a scary thing happened. My mom suddenly mumbling something weird and then hugged me tightly and started to say many prayers in both Arabic and Indonesian. It was so fast and many that I could only picked some words about “God… please protect us… from evil spirit…. the satan… bla bla bla” I was like O My God, something went wrong. and I was too scared to take off my pillow to see what really happened. I could feel the air was so heavy. She hugged me so tightly for I don’t know how long until she suddenly left the room for few minutes (I kept praying when she left me alone) and then hurriedly back and I could hear her put on her praying robe and started to pray beside me. I don’t know how long it lasted -it was quit long- but I think I heard all her prayers and just fell asleep after she finished.

My mom didn’t tell me anything in the morning and the whole day, but my parents decided to hold this special prayers after Magrib (the dusk prayer time). I was also involved. Three of us. My dad wondered why I never really sit and talked to him about it so he could help me much earlier. I think I did several times but the way I say it made him not taking it seriously. So this time was serious. And my father, above everyone, knows that if this thing continues it’s really dangerous for someone’s mental, MY mental. So we held this special prayers, not a ritual, just a prayer..but special one, for this kind of problem. Fully Islamic way, only us and Quran. My father is very common to this thing because our neighbors usually call him for help if this kind of problems occur to them, but i think he’s a bit sad (though never not see it coming) it happened to his own child –and i’m not the first. But it worked, the prayers..because after that the air was light again and I could sleep well. the whole craziness stopped. And since then my father kept reminding me to be strong and tell me the same thing of what i’m suppose to do if this kind of problem happen again (REALLY HOPE never happen again).

My mother told me what really happened that night, just the day after the next day. It was actually scary. So the “thing” couldn’t reach me because my mom was there. So “it” kind of pissed off, so “it” did something to my mom. But “it” picked on the wrong person. My mom said she was furious, that’s why she prayed so fast and said all the protection prayers she knew.

I never ask God for this whole thing. It’s not something to like about, let alone something to be proud of, not at all. But this DNA traps us, not only our family but our relatives,too (from both father and mother side). There’s even one cousin I’ve been avoiding to meet for almost 8 years  since I knew he was… let’s say he made you feel your mind becomes clearly transparent when he’s around.

So if you’re born with no ‘abnormal’ DNA embedded in you, you should be so grateful about that. Really. I mean, life is hard for me even without those kind of things…so this was so annoying and burdening. My father was right worrying about my mental health.

But my best friend said, “You’re mental is already unhealthy.”

Apart from this story, I visited a friend who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She’s cute, but the cutest thing about babies are their feet…. I can’t believe my friend is already a mother.

Giving birth to a baby is a very natural thing. But somehow for me it seems to be very supernatural, especially the connection of every mother to her children.


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