Fireworks ~ Kembang Api ~ 불꽃 [b’ul kkot]

Fireworks. I don’t like “banging” sound, but I like fireworks. Fireworks are beautiful surprises. At first we can only hear the “shhhhhhoooooooooooooot” sound, and then suddenly “BANG!!!!” and after that there come all the beautiful fireworks.

Two weeks ago, a close friend was sending me “fireworks.” I didn’t think much when she said she had something to tell me. It’s like the “shhhhhhoooooooooooooot” sound moment. I could guess the topic, but I wasn’t really sure what’s gonna come out. And when the “BANG!!!” moment happened, when she told me and my other friends about the big news…for me it was really BANG!!!!!!!! The sound was too overwhelming that I didn’t pay anymore attention to the fireworks.

I don’t know what friendship really means for other people. But I think most people take friendship for granted. Really. And I am so disappointed of that fact. I don’t know how people value all the years they have spent together with their friends, sharing almost everything in their lives: sharing the ups and downs, the laughs and the tears and the journeys…I don’t know. What I know is how I see friendship and how I value my friends, especially my best friends.

They are my life.

She said she was so happy that when she thought about her happiness she could burst into tears. And that’s the fireworks, actually. A very beautiful one. I was supposed to feel happy too, but instead I felt sad. And then I felt sad because I felt sad. I felt sad because the only thing that came up into my mind was, “A stranger will take away my friend.” I’m gonna lose one of my best friends to someone I have no single idea at all. At that moment, the idea of friendship became blur. Our friendship.

“Hey, I’m gonna married someone. Soon. He is bla bla bla… I want you to come to my wedding.”

For me that sounded too fiction to be fact.

All I need to do is to feel happy and say “congrats!”. I don’t have any rights to feel worry about anything at all. This is not my life, it’s hers. Cheers.

People say true friendship lasts forever. I pray a lot for that.

I don’t care how people value friendship. I just care about how I value it.

So all I need to do is to feel happy for her. And support her. And pray for the best for her.


No matter what’s the shape of the fireworks, they never fail to make us feel happy.

I watched the fireworks show on Seoul International Fireworks Festival last October 6th. The show lasted from 7.30-9pm.


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