To Appreciate the Memory of Christmas in Aussie

I don’t celebrate Christmas, since I’m a Muslim. And I don’t believe that Jesus the son of Maria was born in December 25th. But while living in Australia in the second half of 2008, I saw Christmas event differently. As an Indonesian, I grew up seeing Christmas as a religious celebration, which was actually true, and which made me prohibited to take any part of the celebration. But Christmas event in Australia, at least in my sister’s mother-in-law’s family, Christmas is not more than a culture. A very special holiday when all family members are gathered together, eating nice meals, exchanging gifts and all the cheers and fun and the warmth of family atmosphere that seemed to be no different from Idul Fitri for me. I had a wonderful Christmas memory in Australia, and Robyn, my sister’s mother-in-law, is the biggest part of it.

I haven’t contacted her again since probably a couple of years a go when I sent a condolence e-mail for her lost of a deary husband. I should have contacted her more, I know. So this Christmas, I’m planning to send this hopefully-not-that-lame “handmade” digital Christmas card to her.

xmas card_alt

Happy holiday everyone! 😉


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