Taste and Waste

2013-03-02 15.09.08_edit0

One chef I knew once said that if customers (more than one) didn’t finish their food on their plates, there had to be something wrong with the food. There is nothing that makes her happier about her job than to see people eat their foods with happiness on their faces. And hearing people tell her, “Thank you for your delicious food,” before they leave the restaurant always makes her forget about her tired body and sore hands, and keeps her spirits up to keep cooking best foods for her costumers.

After an incident made her had no choice but to go back to Indonesia (for awhile – I hope) last month, the restaurant has been a mess. Her assistant who has no cooking background, but has a very high self-esteem in his cooking, became the chief of the kitchen. All foods seem to be wrong: I tasted some menu I could eat (ones without red meat of course) and they did taste different, some even funny; and I noticed food wastes have been increasing.

However, I still don’t see any smart effort the way the restaurant’s owner runs this food business. In my rationale, the heart of a restaurant is the chef, period. If a restaurant loses its chef, than find another one quickly, there is no ‘but’ in this case. But I don’t see their serious effort at all in doing so, because I think they think it’s enough to have that incompetent assistant. Customers keep coming but most of them are tourists who pass by, I start to rarely see our regulars.

I still go to work there because I still need the money. Sounds shameless, but I try to get real. So I tried to just close my eyes and ears during work, but still somehow I always feel like I’m taking part in a criminal activity.


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