You Don’t Ditch Your Friends No Matter What, You Just Don’t!

photo (1) Someone is missing from the picture. Actually two. But one is married and she’s always very busy with her family matters, ever since she’s still a miss. And I have no problem with her since we still talk when we have time. But the other one… I’ve been missing her lately. Overwhelmingly missing her so much that I found myself crying so bad one morning. People think that I’m a cold person outside, but actually I’m not. I love my friends. And when I say I love them…the word love here contains every definition of love you comprehend. And by doing so, I know I’m very vulnerable of often being disappointed as my friends sometimes seem to love me less that I expected. And I guess this was what started all these issues between my friend and I. We confronted each other few years ago. We blamed each other as much as we blamed ourselves. At least in my case, and I want to believe in her case too. And strangely I just recently realized that it was just a confrontation without any concrete result that settling our core issues. There was just a conscious “agreement” that we know everything won’t be the same as old times ever again. Seems like what was broken cannot be fixed. Period. I’ve shared this to my best friend last week. She said that she’d been missing her too. So we both think of reconciliation and hope it will work. We are not we were eight to five years ago. I think this is also part of growing up. It’s something beyond forgiving and forgetting. I’m writing this in the middle of my stressful period with all this end-of-semester loads. I just think I need to release at least one burden in my head in a hope that it will stop coming to me in my dreams.And to any possible stop-by readers, I just want you to remember that you cannot and don’t ditch your friend(s) in any situation, not when you’re in your glorious moment in life nor when you think your life is a kind of stuck-in-the-infinite-bottom-of-a-black hole. Because no matter how far you go and no matter how many new people you’ve met, when you go back to your friends, especially those whom you grow up with, is always as (or sometimes even more) comfy as (than) going back home. 2013-04-05 13.57.41


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