The Movie, the Book and the Stream

I almost forgot how fun it was to do things spontaneously. I always plan everything. I stick to it and oddly feel comfortable with it. I always think the butterfly effect thing. I mean whatever I do today, I have to take a very good control of everything for I have to know what’s the impact of my action today to my life tomorrow and the next day and so on. I know, I live a boring life.

Anyway, this afternoon I watched this movie, a TV movie, titled “Remember Sunday” starred by Zachary Levi and Alexis Bledel. Nothing’s really “special” about this movie, i mean it’s just typical TV movie kind of thing. Well lately I’ve been into light-story movies for some reasons. Anyway, back to this movie. The story is about a guy who has this issue of remembering new things that he has to remember the same things everyday. He suffers from a brain aneurysm that his recent memories are put on “sleep mode” after he sleeps at night while all his past memories stays “on”. It’s a reverse thing that happens to other people without that aneurysm. So everyday he wakes up seeing all notes he made the day before of what to read (first thing always to read about his own medical condition), what to do, where to go, whom to call..and so on for that day. So this guy lives every single day with the same activities and lives the day for the day only because as soon as he wakes up in the morning he knows he will forget everything. Conflicts come with the name of Molly. So he got to re-remember his girlfriend every single day. Meets her as a stranger every single day and falls in love with her every single day.

Remember Sunday (2013) Poster (imdb)

After watching the movie I decided to get dressed and go out. I tried to only think about this moment. Every moment that flows in my life. Money. I tried not to think about that. I said to myself that I should just go wherever I wanted and buy anything I wanted. I have money, though not much. So I decided to go to my favorite bookstore in Gwanghwamun area. I know, boring. But it’s the funnest place for me. So I went there. I managed to finish one short story by Murakami “Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman” which is part of a short story collection book with the same title. I had the expensive seafood cream spaghetti. And then left the bookstore with Julian Barnes “The Sense of an Ending.”


Next thing I did was to have a late afternoon walk. This city, Seoul, has nice public places that Jakarta doesn’t. One of my favorites is the stream, Cheonggyecheon. Unsurprisingly, this place was as crowded as I always knew, in spite of the fact that it had been raining from morning till afternoon and the clouds were still hanging thick up there when I got to the stream. So I walked a bit along the stream and sat myself somewhere between bridges. Many people came with their families, others with friends, around me were couples….and all I had was the book I just bought. So after taking some pictures, I opened the book and started reading.



When I realized the day got darker, I stopped reading and took a longer route back to the train station. I decided to cross the street and walked through the Gwanghwamun plaza to see the Admiral Lee Sung Shin statue and of course the Great King Sejong statue. It’s been awhile since the last time I was standing at that very beautiful vista of old Seoul: the two statues, the Gyeongbok Palace and the northern mountain in one straight axis.

I enjoyed my spontaneous evening.


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