Traveling, Movie, Architecture and Life

I had all those four things in a day yesterday. It was a cold and cloudy Sunday, but since Saturday was rainy and gloomy, I decided to enjoy Sunday and make myself happy.

Things have been pretty rough lately, with the thesis things that make me stressful and “imprisoned”…I decided to have a total break this weekend. What comes tomorrow (today) be in tomorrow’s issue. Like Scarlet O’Hara said, “after all, tomorrow is another day.”

So after the morning shift (of my part time job), I got dressed (color concept a combination of tosca green and purple) and put on a make up. I’m not going to a date with anyone. Nor aiming to attract anyone. You know, sometimes women just simply need to feel good (if not pretty -never thought myself as one either) for themselves! I was enjoying being me.

Anyway, my first destination was the Seoul Museum of Arts. There is an exhibition I was aiming to visit: The Nordic Architecture. They have three parts: architecture of schools (Finland is very proud of its education system. The best in the world! they say), the wood sustainable architecture, and the public space. The first part…I was a bit disappointed. Not for the designs they exhibit, but the way they present them. The panels which contain all the writings and images are somehow not in a proper eye-level or eye sight. They are either make us look up, bowing, crouching, approach closely…and for my case who was sans glasses, I had to do the combination of one of those positions and squinting my eyes almost all the time. Tiring. My favorite is definitely the second part. The wood works were cool. They exhibit the models…from the little one up to the 1:1 scale one. The latter I guess not many people noticed because they are columns, four, placed on each four points and disguise as the columns of the exhibition room. They are the works of architecture students in Aalto University. Cool. Unfortunately all of them were forbidden for photography. The third part.. I was expecting the designs of public meeting places or plazas or anything that represented in the title. To my surprise, what they exhibit were exactly the opposite of the word “public.” In this part, they exhibit the domesticity life of Finnish people. They display dinning room arrangement, furniture, glass work, lamps, utensils and traditional clothes.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

After the museum I took a walk and enjoy the view along the way, heading to the bookstore to have my super late lunch. My friend called and ask if we should see the lantern festival. So after she arrived, we went to Cheonggyecheon Stream where they held this autumn’s lantern festival. Too many people, almost couldn’t enjoy it.

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)

photo 3 (1)

Since we already walk far along the stream, it’s just few blocks away from Myeongdong, so we continued there. We went shopping. I went shopping. And strangely felt happy with it. Even my friend said, “You’re so not you this time.” We went to only two stores, but didn’t come out empty handed from both places.

photo 4

Forgive me dearest God for I have sinned.

Just a pair of boots and leggings which somehow don’t seem to work like ones on my legs. Whatever. I’m content with what inside my shopping bags.

photo 5

I closed the day by watching this wonderful French movie. The story lets us to see the Palestine-Israel conflict from another perspective. Two boys just found out they were switched at birth just before they turn 18. Joseph was raised a Jew, loves being Jew…but after he found out that he’s an Arab…he kind of lost his identity as a Jew. The Silberg family keeps this issue a secret except from the military officers and the rabbi in their synagogue. Joseph once asked the rabbi if he could still be a Jew as he loved being one. The rabbi said, “Jewish is not faith. It’s a state of self. Your birth mother is not a Jew, so you are not a Jew.” Joseph sadly asked, “So do you mean that he (the other son) is more Jew than me because he has Jewish blood?” The rabbi said yes. He continued by explaining about three levels of converting process in Jewish. But later in the movie Joseph got the stern look from the rabbi as Joseph and his family was about to enter the synagogue to mourn for the grandmother. Joseph ended up running away. While Bilal, raised as an El Bezaaz, a muslim, an Arab of the Palestine… he gradually learned how to be “in the other side” (Tel Aviv), learned a bit of Hebrew, but never really accepted by his birth father who works for the military and declared to his brother that nothing ould change, especially his dream. “In the next 8 years, I will come back (from Paris where he will study medicine) and build a hospital in here (Palestine).”

The Other Son (source)

I recommend people to watch this. Beautiful story, though the movie is very French rather than Middle-eastern.

It’s 02.09 in the morning, and blaming on the milk tea I had at around 9 pm…I’m still fully awake.

Good morning Monday


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