Back to Original


There is a reason why I haven’t been posting anything on my blog for quite long now. I’ve been back to freehand writing on a real journal.

For those with a little psychological problem, many people recommend writing. I recommend a more specific than that: freehand writing. It helps a lot. Keyboard and the power of “backspace” and “CTRL+A” + “Del” spoil us. How often do we end up staring at a blank page on the screen for hours?

The art of freehand writing is that it gives traces of mistakes, emotions, and the energy that you put on every single word you write on the paper. Typed sentences will only left sentences and the contained meanings. But hand written words tell so many things. When you look back, you can see not only the verbs and nouns you have woven into sentences, but also the straight or shaken lines on your writing, the canceled words that you crossed…and all the feelings that left on that page.



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