Hello, Again..

It’s good to be back. How long has it been? Over 2 years!! Gee…

My last post was March 24 2014 and today is December 1 2016. How have I been?

I think I remember the last time I wrote here I was in the state of instability. I just graduated from my master’s degree, just got back to my home town Jakarta and somehow didn’t feel happy…let alone feeling great. I stayed home acting like a lazy cat without job, money nor romance.

Just a couple months later I got a job in an architecture consultant, can say it’s the biggest in Indonesia. April 19th was my first day. I already bought a return ticket to Singapore and supposed to stay there a little longer, but decided to just started my job as the company set me. And my life since then has been all about work work work.

2 years and several months later…here I am, still working for the same company. People say that they think I’m happy with what I do and where I work now. Maybe they’re right, but maybe not fully true either.

I feel like I finally found what I’ve been looking for all these years. I thought I would forsake¬†architecture and found something else to do in life. I thought I’m just not meant to be. That being an architect was no more than a child’s dream. But now, I think I can say that the path in front of me is getting clearer. That I can do it. Though as a woman in this man-dominated field of profession, the struggle is kind of times two or three.

But my love and long for writing never fade. I always manage to write in any ways, using any tools: freehand or word doc mobile on my iphone… And today I decided to visit my blog again. God..I miss this so bad. And it feels good that I’m finally writing something again here.

See you later..


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